Pre-Made Banner - 22" x 72 Foot Roll of Bandanna Banner White 14 oz Closeout

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Basically you can buy the banners pre-cut here or purchase a full 24 yard roll and cut out the sizes that you need.  Don't forget to purchase a roll of banner tape for the ends of each banner. 

Bandanna Banners eliminate wasted material.
Each banner is designed with high quality nickel plated #2 spur grommets spaced every 24 inches.
Trim between the double grommets and get the most out of each banner roll.
Thermo-welded hems promote lay-flat characteristics that yield a clean, professional look for your banners
Layout is much easier when you have a flat surface to work on.

Semi-gloss finish. 


  • 2 grommets every 24” across top and bottom
  • Thermo-welded hemmed 1” top and bottom
  • Perfect for vinyl graphics
  • Weather Testing / Florida Type Conditions- Fade Resistance: 1.5 years