3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish -

Redefine industrial chic with 3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish, a groundbreaking architectural solution that brings the raw, modern aesthetic of concrete into your spaces. This self-adhesive film seamlessly marries style with durability, offering a cost-effective way to achieve the rugged allure of concrete surfaces.

DI-NOC Concrete Finish from 3M is your key to transforming interiors with the urban sophistication of concrete, minus the complexities associated with traditional materials. Whether you're a design professional or a DIY enthusiast, this product empowers you to create spaces that exude contemporary charm and industrial elegance.

Crafted with precision using 3M's cutting-edge technology, DI-NOC Concrete Finish authentically replicates the texture, color, and nuances of concrete surfaces. The self-adhesive design ensures a smooth installation process, appealing to both seasoned installers and those embarking on their first design project.

Unleash your creativity across various applications, from accent walls and furniture to fixtures and architectural elements. The versatility of DI-NOC Concrete Finish allows you to make a bold statement, transforming your space into an urban oasis that stands out in style.

Experience the durability and resilience synonymous with the 3M brand. DI-NOC Concrete Finish not only enhances the visual appeal of your surfaces but also provides resistance against wear, tear, and UV fading, ensuring a lasting impact that withstands the test of time.

Elevate your design projects with the unmatched allure of 3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish, where industrial concrete beauty meets enduring performance. Redefine your spaces and leave a lasting impression with this exceptional architectural finish.



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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Concrete/Mortar AE-1646

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish -Concrete/Mortar AE-1646

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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Concrete/Mortar AE-1645

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish - AE-1645

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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Concrete/Mortar AE-1719

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish - AE-1719

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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Concrete/Mortar CN-1622

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish - CN-1622

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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Concrete/Mortar AE-1717

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish - AE-1717

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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Concrete/Mortar CN-1621

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish - CN-1621

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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Concrete/Mortar CN-1958

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish - CN-1958

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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Abstract Earth AE-2162MT

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish - AE-2162MT

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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Concrete/Mortar CN-1623

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish - CN-1623

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3M DI-NOC Stone Finish -Concrete/Mortar AE-1718

3M DI-NOC Concrete Finish - AE-1718

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