3M DI-NOC Wood Grain Gloss Finish - WG-765GN


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Transform your space into a haven of sophistication with 3M DI-NOC Wood Grain Gloss Finish, a cutting-edge architectural solution seamlessly blending the warmth of wood with a modern high-gloss finish. This self-adhesive film opens the door to a world of design possibilities, offering a versatile and cost-effective way to bring the timeless beauty of wood grain into your interiors.

DI-NOC Wood Grain Gloss Finish from 3M brings a touch of nature indoors, replicating the intricate textures and tones of wood surfaces enhanced with a contemporary gloss sheen. Whether you're a seasoned design professional or a DIY enthusiast, this product empowers you to create interiors that exude both natural elegance and modern sophistication.

Crafted with precision using 3M's advanced technology, DI-NOC Wood Grain Gloss Finish ensures an authentic replication of wood grain patterns while introducing a sleek gloss element. The self-adhesive design guarantees a smooth installation process, appealing to both skilled installers and those embarking on their first design project.

Suggested Applications:

  1. Walls and Wall Panels: Infuse the warmth of wood grain with a high-gloss finish on vertical surfaces.
  2. Ceilings: Create a luxurious ambiance overhead with wood grain and gloss.
  3. Fixtures: Revamp fixtures with the elegance of wood, enhancing visual appeal.
  4. Elevators: Elevate the interior of elevators with sophisticated wood grain finishes.
  5. Doors: Add a touch of natural beauty to doors, making a lasting impression.
  6. Columns: Transform plain columns into architectural focal points with wood grain textures.
  7. Furniture: Infuse wood aesthetics into furniture pieces for a cohesive design.
  8. Backlit: Enhance visual impact by incorporating wood grain finishes in backlit elements.
  9. Partitions: Create stylish partitions that seamlessly integrate with the overall design.
  10. Curved Surfaces: Adaptable to curved surfaces, maintaining the authenticity of wood grain.
  11. Flat Surface - High Gloss Designs: Achieve a modern, high-gloss aesthetic on flat surfaces for a contemporary touch.

Experience the durability and resilience synonymous with the 3M brand. DI-NOC Wood Grain Gloss Finish not only enhances the visual appeal of your surfaces but also provides resistance against wear, tear, and UV fading, ensuring a lasting impact that stands strong over time.

Elevate your design projects with the unmatched allure of 3M DI-NOC Wood Grain Gloss Finish, where the beauty of wood meets contemporary sophistication. Redefine your spaces and leave a lasting impression with this exceptional architectural finish.


Adhesive Features



Decorative Surface Finish, Refurbishing

Application Method


Application Surface

3 Dimensional, Flat



Design Family


Design Pattern

Wood Grain

Factory ISO Certification

No ISO Certification information available


Eligible for LEED Credits

Film Thickness (Imperial)

8 mil

Film Thickness (Metric)

200 micron

Film Type




Maximum Application Temperature (Celsius)

38 ℃

Maximum Application Temperature (Fahrenheit)

100 ℉

Minimum Application Temperature (Celsius)

12 ℃

Minimum Application Temperature (Fahrenheit)

54 ℉

Product Code


Specifications Met

CA Specification 01350, CSI Division 09, Class A - ASTM E84 Fire Classification

Wood Species

Birdseye Maple

Wood Tone


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