45 Degree Roland Allen 936/800 Anagraph SC-1345

45 Degree Roland Allen 936/800 Anagraph SC-1345

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SC-1345 Roland 45 plotter blade is a direct substitute for the Roland USA-C145-x but also replaces the following products: PRC-145-0, ZEC-U1005, ZEC-U5025, and ZEC-U5032.

 It fits all models of Roland printers and cutters. It produces the best cutting results on films from 2 - 12 mil thick, which covers most vinyl types. Forty-five degree blades are the general purpose, most frequently used blade angle.

 Besides Roland, The SC-1345 Roland 45 plotter blade is compatible with the following cutters: Allen Datagraph 936/800, Anagraph EMS, Copam, CSR Ecom-2, Refine, Secabo, Seiki, and Vinyl Express cutters excluding the Q series. It also fits GCC cutters that require a 2.0 mm diameter blade: RX, Jaguar 1-4, Puma 1-3, Bengal, Sable, Expert, Expert Pro.

  • 45° blade
  • Substitute for Roland USA 145-x blade
  • Cuts 2-12 mil films
  • For all Roland printers and cutters
  • See details for additional compatibility
  • 0.011" offset

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