7725 - Opaque 3M High Performance Vinyl Olympic Blue

7725 - Opaque 3M High Performance Olympic Blue 057


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The colors shown are representations only and may not accurately depict the actual color. The 7725 Series 3M vinyl is a premium 2-mil film designed specifically for electronic cutting and thermal transfer. With its exceptional cutting and weeding capabilities, it's a versatile choice for a range of applications, including signs, vehicles, windows, and walls.

The clear, synthetic liner of this vinyl resists moisture absorption and static buildup, ensuring an easier assembly process. It also lays flat, preventing liner split. The clear adhesive allows for 2-way viewing on flat surfaces, as well as surfaces with rivets and curves.

With an MCS Warranty of up to 7 years, you can trust in the longevity and durability of this vinyl. The adhesive is a solvent acrylic, providing a reliable and pressure-sensitive bond.

The 7725 Series 3M vinyl is suitable for various surfaces, including buildings, walls, cars, vans, displays, illuminated signs, labels, opaque signs, public transport, trucks and trailers, vehicles, and windows. It applies smoothly to flat surfaces and simple curves.

For more detailed information, please visit 3M.com. Get your project done right with the trusted quality of 3M's 7725 Series vinyl.

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