KPMF - Gloss Black Car Wrap 60"


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VWS IV (Vinyl Wrapping System) is a range of premium quality cast PVC films specifically developed for vehicle wrapping. These premium cast products are formulated using the latest advances in chemical and pigment technology to offer exceptional dimensional stability and long term durability.

The combination of soft cast vinyl formulation and specific adhesive design offers excellent conformability into recesses, and adhesion which allows the film to be removed using heat and/or chemicals up to a period of three years from a range of substrates (subject to exceptions covered in the warranty).


  • Unique Perfect Finish solid colors
  • Vibrant Gloss and Matt Metallic Colors
  • Exciting color changing iridescent finishes
  • Color shifting sparkling starlight, dramatic frozen and subtle pearlescent finishes
  • Absolute Matt, ultra matt finish with a soft feel and luxurious appearance.
  • Premium quality cast PVC film construction
  • Suitable for long term outdoor environments
  • KPMF’s Air Release technology enables bubble free flow out during installation

   Durability is 7 years.