Marathon Wet Edge Squeegees

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Main Selling Points:
• Ultra-soft Microfiber edge with two layers for scratch-free graphics
• Can be used wet or dry for a smooth glide over vinyl surfaces
• Perfect for chrome films with its unique microfiber edge

Product Description:
Upgrade your vinyl graphics game with the Marathon Wet Edge Squeegee. Designed with an ultra-soft Microfiber edge, this squeegee is a game-changer for any vinyl graphics enthusiast. Say goodbye to scratches and hello to flawless results!

The secret lies in the two-layer Microfiber edge, specifically engineered to protect your graphics from any potential damage. Whether you're working with delicate vinyl surfaces or chrome films, this squeegee is your go-to tool for achieving professional-grade results.

Not only does the Marathon Wet Edge Squeegee offer exceptional performance, but it also offers versatility. Use it wet or dry, depending on your preference and the task at hand. For a wet application, simply add a few drops of baby shampoo and water, and experience a smooth and effortless glide over the vinyl surface.

With its compact size of 4" long x 3" tall, this squeegee is easy to handle and maneuver, ensuring precise and controlled application every time. Choose from two stylish color options - Graphite & Red or White and Red - to match your personal style.

Embrace the power of microfiber and enjoy long-lasting performance that outshines the competition. Whether you're a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, this squeegee is a must-have tool for achieving picture-perfect results. Get yours today and experience the difference!

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