Pizazz Aluminum Mono-Mounts Natural Large 3/4" A&E 4-Pk

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Created by Pizazz monomounts are designed for installing panels on walls and other surfaces, in a wide range of display, signage and various other applications.

monomounts have two standard Parts, A+E Parts which are sold together as a set.

Optional extraspacers, D Parts - are also available and are sold separately.

extraspacers can be used to increase the standoff distance and/or hold more panels, giving you more creative options including multilayering and/or offsetting some panels.

How they work

  • A Parts are secured to a vertical or horizontal surface with screws (and wall anchors if required).
  • E Parts screw into the extraspacers and hold a panel between the D+E Parts.
  • When you use monomounts, panel installation is easy, fast and secure.

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