Stahls Ultraweed Kelly Green 15" HTV

Stahls Ultraweed Kelly Green


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• Exceptional cutting capabilities on any vinyl cutter
• Easy and speedy weeding with innovative formula
• Low temperature application for worry-free heat printing

Introducing Stahls Ultraweed Kelly Green, the ultimate vinyl heat transfer material that will take your designs to new heights! With its exceptional cutting capabilities on any vinyl cutter, you can effortlessly create intricate and eye-catching designs that are sure to turn heads. No more frustration with difficult cuts or wasted materials.

But what truly sets Stahls Ultraweed Kelly Green apart is its innovative formula that allows for easy and speedy weeding. Say goodbye to tedious picking and peeling - with Ultraweed Kelly Green, weeding becomes smooth and effortless, saving you valuable time and eliminating any hassle. Experience the joy of flawless designs without the frustration.

Worried about scorching or damaging your materials during heat printing? With Stahls Ultraweed Kelly Green, you can say goodbye to those concerns. Our low temperature application ensures worry-free heat printing, so you can confidently apply heat and achieve perfect results every single time. Create with peace of mind, knowing that your materials are safe.

Whether you're a professional designer or a DIY enthusiast, Stahls Ultraweed Kelly Green is the must-have vinyl heat transfer material for all your creative projects. Elevate your designs with ease, save time on weeding, and achieve flawless results with our exceptional product. Don't wait any longer - add Stahls Ultraweed Kelly Green to your cart today and experience the difference for yourself!

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