Stahls Ultraweed Maize


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• Effortless weeding feature for time-saving and frustration-free peeling
• Scorch-free application ensures no damage to fabrics during heat transfer
• Washable up to 50 times for long-lasting vibrancy and durability

Product Description:
Elevate your heat transfer projects to new heights with Stahls Ultraweed Maize! This game-changing vinyl is here to revolutionize your designs and make your crafting experience a breeze. With its effortless weeding feature, you can say goodbye to the tedious and frustrating peeling process. Simply weed your designs with ease, saving you valuable time and energy.

But that's not all - Stahls Ultraweed Maize takes durability to a whole new level. Its scorch-free application allows you to confidently apply heat without worrying about damaging your precious fabrics. No more fear of ruining your favorite t-shirts or bags! This remarkable vinyl ensures a smooth and seamless application, leaving you with flawless designs every time.

Not only does Stahls Ultraweed Maize offer exceptional application and durability, but it also guarantees long-lasting vibrancy. This vinyl is washable up to 50 times, ensuring that your designs stay vibrant and eye-catching even after multiple washes. You can trust that your creations will withstand the test of time, maintaining their original brilliance.

Whether you're a professional crafter or just starting your heat transfer journey, Stahls Ultraweed Maize is the go-to choice for achieving professional results. Personalize t-shirts, bags, or any other fabric item with ease and confidence. Let your creativity soar and make a lasting statement with this must-have vinyl from Stahls. Get your Stahls Ultraweed Maize today and experience the difference it makes in your crafting projects!

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