3M DI-NOC Metallic Aged Metal Finish - VM-2038


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Elevate your design projects to an unprecedented level of sophistication with 3M DI-NOC Aged Metal Finish – an innovative architectural solution that effortlessly captures the timeless beauty of aged metal surfaces. This self-adhesive film from 3M offers a versatile and cost-effective way to infuse spaces with the rich character and rustic allure of aged metal, creating an ambiance that seamlessly blends the past with the present.

DI-NOC Aged Metal Finish brings a touch of authentic antiquity to your interiors and exteriors. Crafted with precision using 3M's state-of-the-art technology, this finish authentically replicates the nuanced textures, patinas, and weathered charm of aged metal, allowing you to achieve a vintage aesthetic without the cost and maintenance associated with traditional materials.

Suggested Applications:

  1. Walls and Wall Panels: Transform vertical spaces with the captivating allure of aged metal, adding character and depth.
  2. Ceilings: Create an overhead masterpiece with the rustic charm of aged metal textures.
  3. Fixtures: Enhance fixtures with the timeless appeal of aged metal finishes, infusing a touch of antiquity.
  4. Elevators: Elevate interior elevators with the durability and character of aged metal surfaces.
  5. Doors: Make a statement with aged metal finishes on doors, combining strength with vintage aesthetics.
  6. Columns: Transform plain columns into architectural focal points with the captivating textures of aged metal.
  7. Furniture: Infuse furniture pieces with the rich character of aged metal, creating a cohesive and timeless design.
  8. Backlit: Enhance the visual impact of spaces by incorporating aged metal finishes in backlit elements, adding a warm and inviting glow.
  9. Partitions: Create stylish partitions that seamlessly integrate with the overall design, combining privacy with vintage charm.
  10. Curved Surfaces: Adaptable to curved surfaces, maintaining the authentic appeal of aged metal.
  11. Flat Surfaces: Achieve a harmonious vintage aesthetic on flat surfaces, offering a versatile design element.

Experience the durability and resilience synonymous with the 3M brand. DI-NOC Aged Metal Finish not only enhances the visual appeal of your surfaces but also provides resistance against wear, tear, and UV fading, ensuring a lasting impact that stands strong over time.

Elevate your design projects with the unmatched allure of 3M DI-NOC Aged Metal Finish, where the charm of aged metal meets cutting-edge technology. Redefine your spaces and leave a lasting impression with this exceptional architectural finish.

Adhesive Features



Decorative Surface Finish, Refurbishing

Application Method


Application Surface




Design Family


Design Pattern

Aged Metal

Factory ISO Certification

No ISO Certification information available

Film Thickness (Imperial)

8 mil

Film Thickness (Metric)

200 micron

Film Type




Maximum Application Temperature (Celsius)

38 ℃

Maximum Application Temperature (Fahrenheit)

100 ℉

Minimum Application Temperature (Celsius)

12 ℃

Minimum Application Temperature (Fahrenheit)

54 ℉

Product Code



Not Removable

Specifications Met

CA Specification 01350, Class A - ASTM E84 Fire Classification

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