Stahls Premium Plus HTV High Tack Pink

Stahls Premium Plus HTV High Tack Pink


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• Superior stretch and rebound for optimal performance
• Extremely soft and lightweight feel for maximum comfort
• Silky matte finish for a sleek and professional look

Introducing Stahls Premium Plus HTV High Tack Pink, the ultimate heat transfer vinyl designed to elevate your performance wear. With its superior stretch and rebound, this HTV is built to keep up with even the most strenuous movements, while retaining its original shape. Its low-temp material makes it the ideal choice for heat-sensitive fabrics, ensuring a seamless application every time.

Not only does the Premium Plus HTV offer exceptional performance, but it also provides an incredibly soft and lightweight feel. Say goodbye to heavy and uncomfortable designs weighing you down during workouts or performances. This HTV is thin, soft, and durable, allowing you to move freely while still making a bold statement.

With its silky matte finish, the Premium Plus HTV adds a touch of elegance to your designs. Whether you're creating detailed or larger designs, you have the option to choose between low tack and high tack. The high tack option is perfect for intricate and detailed designs, ensuring every line and curve is accurately transferred.

But that's not all! This versatile HTV is also laser cutter compatible, giving you even more creative freedom. Let your imagination run wild as you create unique and personalized designs for your performance wear.

Experience the difference with Stahls Premium Plus HTV High Tack Pink. Elevate your performance, embrace comfort, and make a lasting impression with its exceptional stretch, softness, and durability. Take your designs to the next level and showcase your style with confidence. Upgrade your heat transfer vinyl collection today!

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