HP 831 Latex Ink Light Magenta 775ML

HP 831 Latex Ink Light Magenta 775ML


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HP 831 Latex Inks 

 Inks specifically designed for the HP 310, 330 and 360 printers.  831 Latex Ink offers Scratch resistance comparable to that of hard solvent inks on vinyl and banner. With the Latex Optimizer you can achieve High Image Quality at High Speed HP 831 Latex Inks are formulated to optimize and maintain the high performance and print quality of HP 831 Latex printheads, and they work with HP 831 Latex Optimizer to provide high print quality at high productivity.  HP 831 Latex Inks have a water-based formulation with an innovative “latex” polymer that produces a durable, flexible film protecting the image. Prints are completely dried and cured in the printer and are ready to use. A 6-color system of pigment inks—cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, and light magenta—produces a wide color gamut. 


  • Ink Type: Latex
  • Printer: HP315
  • Printer: HP315 Print/Cut
  • Printer: HP335
  • Printer: HP335 Print/Cut
  • Printer: HP365
  • Printer: HP560
  • Printer: HP570
  • Series: HP 831A

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