Stahls Thermo-Grip HTV Black


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• Superior adhesion for decorating Dazzle and nylon mesh with ease
• Durable and abrasion-resistant for long-lasting use
• Semi-gloss finish adds a professional touch to athletic uniforms

Product Description:

Elevate your athletic uniforms to the next level with Stahls Thermo-Grip HTV Black. Designed specifically for decorating Dazzle and nylon mesh fabrics, this heat transfer vinyl offers superior adhesion and durability. Its patented adhesive formulation ensures easy application, making it the best choice for athletic nylon garments.

With a semi-gloss finish, this Thermo-Grip vinyl adds a professional touch to any sports team's uniforms. Its abrasion-resistant properties ensure that your designs stay intact, even after intense workouts and games. Say goodbye to worrying about peeling or fading graphics.

Not only is this heat transfer vinyl easy to use, but it also resists dye migration on polyester garments, ensuring that your designs stay vibrant and true to their original colors. Whether you're embellishing jerseys, shorts, or other athletic apparel, Stahls Thermo-Grip HTV Black is the reliable choice.

In addition to its exceptional performance, this heat transfer vinyl is laser cutter compatible, allowing you to create intricate designs with precision and ease. The 1-color application instructions are simple to follow, with a quick application time of 6-8 seconds at a temperature of 330°F/165°C.

When it comes to care, this Thermo-Grip vinyl is low maintenance. Simply machine wash your garments inside-out using mild detergent, and avoid bleach and dry cleaning. Dry them at a normal dryer setting on household machines, and they'll be ready for the next game.

For optimal storage, keep this heat transfer vinyl in a cool and dry area with a temperature of around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity. Avoid direct heat, sunlight, and humidity to maintain its quality. With a recommended shelf life of one year, you can trust that Stahls Thermo-Grip HTV Black will be ready whenever you need it.

Upgrade your athletic uniforms with Stahls Thermo-Grip HTV Black and experience the superior adhesion, durability, and professional finish that this heat transfer vinyl offers. Whether you're a sports team, fitness studio, or individual athlete, this product is a game-changer for your apparel decoration needs.

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